FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In the case where the puppy dies as a result of (1) Canine Parvovirus or (2) Canine Distemper within 7 (seven) days counted from the date of delivery by the company, the company has the right to (1) deliver a new puppy with similar breed, gender, color, and age without any additional cost to the customer within 30 (thirty) days or (2) refund the purchase price of the puppy to the customer without interest within 30 (thirty) days."

"If within 2 (two) months counted from the date that the company delivers the puppy to the customer, the veterinarian diagnoses that the puppy died due to a neurological or heart disease system malfunction, the company is entitled to either (1) provide a new puppy with similar characteristics to the confirmed purchase order at no additional cost to the customer, or (2) refund the purchase price of the puppy to the customer in full, excluding interest, within 30 (thirty) days. This warranty does not apply to cases where the puppy is over 1 (one) year old at the time of purchase."

tinybok is one of the brand under My Pet Company Limited, which is a subsidiary of Thai Food Group Public Company Limited.

Pay-in-full , by bank transfer 

(Credit Card Coming Soon) 

Yes, the price for the puppy includes everything.

  • Puppy 
  • Vaccination & Microchip
  • Health Check Up in South Korea & Thailand
  • Shipping from South Korea to Thailand 
  • Import Process & Documentation Fee
  • CDV and CPV Test in South Korea & Thailand
  • Upon arrival in Thailand, the puppy will be quarantined for 7 days with 24-hour veterinarian care before delivering to customer

The puppy will be ready to fly to Thailand when they reach at the age of 3.5-4 months old 

Our premium quality puppies comes from 2 sources in South Korea: 

- First Source is from our trusted Pet Shop partner

- Second Source is from our trusted FCI Kennel partner 

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