About Us


      tinybok brings a variety of premium small dog breeds to Thailand, carefully selected from experienced breeders with over 40 years of experience in dog breeding. The health of our puppies is our top priority, as each puppy is thoroughly examined for health and common diseases before import and delivery to our customers in Thailand. We take great care in every step of the process to ensure the happiness of our puppies and customers, as we believe their happiness is our ultimate success and satisfaction.

Our Story

      tinybok was born from the collaboration of three co-founders who have a love and fondness for dogs as their foundation. They have experience in caring for various breeds of dogs, such as Jack Russell, Pomeranian, Bichon Frise, Golden Retriever, Poodle, Beagle, and Maltese. As a result, the founders started this business with the aim of finding these adorable dogs and delivering them to people who are interested in raising a puppy as new members of their family in Thailand.

      At the end of 2021, the three co-founders conducted research on dogs in various countries to find top-quality breeds that aligned with the lifestyle of Thai people. They traveled to South Korea and visited several kennels with over 40 years of experience in breeding cute, small-sized puppies. The kennels have received numerous awards and global recognition from FCI. The co-founders then collaborated on bringing these adorable puppies to Thailand for adoption as a new family member 

      In early 2022, the co-founders presented a comprehensive dog business model to the company's management team at Thai Foods Group Public Company Limited. This proposal was approved during an investment budget meeting and led to the establishment of a new subsidiary company under Thai Foods Group Public Company Limited, called My Pet Company Limited. The aim is to create a full-service dog related business, including kennels, grooming, pet shops, and various other dog-related businesses. This is in the hopes of creating a comprehensive dog business in Thailand in the future to make lifer easier for new and current dog owners



Our Founders

Krit Auttiya (Atom)
Head Of Strategy & Planning
Krittanat Nanthasukhon (Make)
Head Of Marketing


Our Vision

To excel in offering a full range ecosystem of dog related services, making both dogs and their owners' lives more convenient and enjoyable

Our Mission

Provide customers with every healthy and charming puppies

Our Core Value

Customer confidence ranks first
Treating dogs as part of the family, we handpick only the finest and thoroughly inspected specimens for our customers. You may view the dogs through video consultations or in person before making your choice, to give you confidence and offer the ultimate experience.
Every life is Important
Tinybok prioritizes every life as important and offers attentive service both before and after the sale to ensure complete care for your puppy
We Make It Simple
We will gather all the necessary items for your dog to make the process seem effortless and eliminate the need for you to go anywhere else

Our Goals

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